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  Our Dyno Services
At Pro-Dyno, we offer a wide range of Dyno services.  Since our Dynanometer is mobile we can provide accurate calibrations and wide band readings at any location. You can also rest assured knowing that our Dyno is tested continuously for accuracy and always comes up flawless.  In other words, the myth about portable Dynos being inaccurate is just that -- A myth!

Shop Rentals
We can set up at your location to enable your organization to have the convenience of your own tools and anything else that may be necessary for your particular application. Think about the convenience of having an accurate dynometer with wide band oxygen sensor graphing capabilities and horsepower & torque graphing at your disposal in the convenience of your location. Shop rentals are primarily week day events unless a desired weekend is not booked.  These rentals can be up to 8 hours long with up to 7 vehicles unless otherwise negotiated -- this allows for proper cool down time between pulls.

Car Shows
We can attend your next car show event and help you draw a crowd like you have never before seen.  Once you fire the first round of pulls on the dyno, the crowd closes in like some one is giving away CASH!  The way the crowd reacts still amazes me every time I do a show.
We have several ways we can work these types of events:
1.  We can attend an event for a set fee for the day and run dynos for up to 8 hours.
2.  We can attend an event and charge a per vehicle fee.  These types of events require a 20 car minimum and include unlimited cars and unlimited time.  We stay until there is nothing left to run.  At this type of event we provide 3 pulls for each vehicle to get the most accurate readings: one to clean the plugs and two for consistency. We also provide wideband oxygen sensor readings for each vehicle to give a complete baseline which can later be used for accurate tuning purposes.
Tuning and/or Dyno Days
Our services can be rented for the day at your chosen location for the purpose of tuning.  These events are for the convenience of your particular tuner professional or shop. We charge a flat fee for the amount of hours that you feel you will need and you charge whatever your particular organization feels is fair.

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